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CNA to LPN Programs with Licensing Information

There are lots of LPN degree programs online to transition from CNA to LPN. These classes are provided as part of LPN programs. CNA to LPN bridge program are not particularly available. There are couple of programs that need candidates to be CNAs before admission. If you're a new in healthcare field you can select CNA before LPN. You'll find such accredited programs in some community schools, vocational colleges, online CNA training programs and free CNA classes.


The obvious requirement for CNA to LPN on-line programs is experience as a CNA. Nonetheless, nursing experience is simply one of the many requirements to enter an online LPN program. Usually, interested students should successfully pass an entrance examination, a background check and drug test. Finally, some colleges might have a slate of prerequisite programs that should be completed prior to admission to an online LPN program can be granted.

Program Detail

There are a lot of things that you are to study when you are pursuing a license in practical nursing. There are subjects that are to tackle the common practices in nursing and the likes. You cannot do a lot like the registered nurses and the nurses with the degrees on the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and such can but you'd still feel a sense of accomplishment because of what you can do as a licensed practical nurse.

There are some courses like anatomy which is pretty basic-a little more in depth however, than those you've had as a CNA-and psychology. You would also need to take units in computer education and even something as petty as communication. You'll slowly learn here how you can have a hand in the curing of a patient. CNAs do not really administer treatment on their own, as a licensed practical nurse, you can already administer a few things like medicine and the likes to patients left in your care.

Licensing Info

After you graduate from the diploma program you've to pass the NCLEX-PN you'll be prepared to assume a wider range of patient care duties and be provided with greater autonomy than when working as a CNA. The increased duties, together with national licensure, implies that you will also earn a higher salary as an LPNs than as a CNA. LPNs might also choose to further their training and become fully registered nurses through LPN-RN bridge programs.

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